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Uh hey guyszzzzz. . .remember that really bad old game I made about the CUBE. . .yeah s. . .sorry about that. . .I'm making this now and I swear its way more playable than the last game!

Uh. . .it probably has a lot of bad code since I'm an ape when it comes to coding. 
I mainly do 3d animations so this was a major venture for me, if you want to support its development checkout my patreon at https://www.patreon.com/kleinvoimond or my subscribe star at https://subscribestar.adult/Kvoimond?redirect_notice=true .

Please enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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ThisKindLand-1.0-pc.zip 143 MB
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I imagine I know the answer, but, is this game likely to get any content anytime soon?

im enjoying the size im enjoying the size compare game but I would love to see some more development of this game if your still planning on it.compare game but I would love to see some more development of this game if your still planning on it.

Can anyone tell me what happened?


bump for love, hope this game gets developed more

Would love to see more of this. The art is nice and i see a lot of potential in it 


Is this game ever getting a update? The content here is great and honestly i prefer this project over Size Me Up

Art was Fantastic, game was lacking in content though.


is the cube game cancelled or just put on hold?


Cube was a a proof of concept for this


Art's good, glad you're continuing developing

Can't wait to see how this develops

A good project, very beautiful illustrations and interesting text, I hope that it will develop in the future

are u planning on an apk version


It crash every time. I suppose i will try the next version

Looks decent enough, hope it won't be abandoned as most of today's projects. Good luck ya in further development

(Just a Question.) 

Will there be HTML5?


Maybe in the future, no promises however as I am unsure.

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Thank you, hope you have a good day!