Upcoming changes.

Hello everyone! Sorry its been so long without a proper update! I've been busy with my current longform animation project (check my twitter if you like monster stuff!) and now that I've put out a small teaser for it, I'm shifting back to developing the game for this month! 

So, what kind of progress have I made? A new girl will soon be added to the game as well as a whole slew of bugfixes. I plan on adding two or more new characters, unique scenes between girls, and overhauling several other UI elements to make navigation easier for the player.

But something I wanted to ask all of you is the following. 

SMU is quickly growing out of hand with what I have planned, each girl requires a large amount of custom art and coding, and originally this game was supposed to be a fun little interactive experience where you can measure various (or your actual) dick size to different characters from multiple IPs. 

If each girl I added came with 3 outfits, multiple lines of dialogue, pregnancy, a hormone cycle, custom encounters etc, it'd be an absolute nightmare to keep them all in line and put content out in a timely manner.

So, because I already had an idea in place for being able to change your character in game, I thought why not add an actual game mechanic to it? My idea is to have the player take on a role as an escort where various characters will be brought in, pay the player, and a standard sex scene will take place. Over time if the community likes a certain character they may be brought into the fold as a fully realized NPC with all the bells and whistles that come with it. 

Not only would this allow me to bring a wider variety of characters for you all, but it'd also allow me to play with random NPC generation too!

Other than that, thats all for now. Back to work on the game I go!

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Just wanted to say that I love your work! Can't wait for tonight :D

Same. I'm staying awake extra late (different timezone lol) so I can play this 

Same xDDD

crossing my fingers and hoping for sph haha

I don't think its gonna be tonight :c

Oh danm. Do you know which time zone klein uses?

This is simply a suggestion, but I would like some storylines with some of the girls so we feel a deeper connection between them and the MC, also interacting with your children, currently you just hear that they're born, name them and presumably never see them again, maybe add some sort of growing up system so you have to solve various disputes or something (could use that random NPC generator thing) you could make it a sex thing or not, don't really care, just some more interpersonal relationship stuff, ya know?

Waaaay ahead of you! I've plans for the kids, and each (mainline) girl. In this next update which SHOULD be out by tonight, you'll have a fair amount of character interaction to look forward to. Not, a whole lot just yet, but significantly more than before.

I would love more interactions and dialogue with the npcs already in (in my case, especially the humans). Personally, I don't mind the outfits that much, I think giving the characters a bit more substance would be nice.

I like this idea, yeah. Kinda reminds me of how new comic book heroes where introduced back in the day - first as apart of the super-group (The Avengers for example) and if the public liked the character enough, THEN they'd get their own comic

You've got this


Even at it's current state this is a pretty impressive and uniquely immersive experience. I would say structure it however you need to in order to not get stuck in development hell where nothing is finished for a long time, surely leading to a feeling of being burnt out. Smaller more bite sized pieces should give a better sense of progress and accomplishment. I hope you're able to figure something out that works for you as I really would like to see more of this game!


Sounds good to me!


Yes, please! I've been waiting for a long time for a game where you can whore yourself out as a male pc. :)