v 1.2.1

Hey guys, minor update with some quality of life additions.

Fixed several bugs, some of which were surrounding Avarice and Mitsuki

Added day/month/season  tracker below clock

Added new dialogue for girls when they're pregnant and you're prompted for a condom

Added back in the "skip day" button

Thats all, see yas~!


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will there ever be any anal: lmao, cant spell for shit

Like, from overwatch?

i think he/she means anal

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Can you please make the NTR scene avoidable? Not just like ignore, but prevent it?


Are you talking about the shower scene?

I don't really see it as an NTR scene since the complex is just a big orgy and both girls like the player. . .and the player is fucking the other girls. . . but if it helps in canon no events happen unless the player goes through with it. 

I'll look into adding something, though.


I didn't read it like the one liked the player at all. Given how hard she tried to prove the other wrong about the player it seemed like they thought very - pardon the pun - little of them.

And I'm aware it's not NTR in true essence, but it definitely read like a scene out of the genre. I appreciate you listening to feedback, though. Just the scene felt awkward after the other scene you have with the one character. Trying not to spoil, but it happens in the player's room.

Oh, and regarding leaving the shower scene it keeps proccing even after I've left it like three times. I keep trying to say no, but it just won't let go. So wasn't sure what was going on there.


Ah well thats Avarice's character, you'll come to learn more about her as I update but in essence she's a total slutbag with her own goals and apparitions. She's not malicious, just. . .opportunistic. Genuinely I'm not at all a fan of NTR/cheating and maybe its because I've got the whole outline of character interactions and their motives/personalities held in my brain, but Avarice and Mituski are meant to be different sides to each other. 

One the doting, loving and always sugarcoated (merciless planet ravager) gentle domme mommy,  and the other the blunt, in your face, mocking goddess of sexual dominance.  Avarice is also a total and complete cockslut for monsters. So, there's that too. 

The scene/her preferences are meant to more be akin to a joke because no matter how big your dick is it won't be enough for Avarice. You'd literally have to be inhuman to truly satisfy her blackhole of a vagina and have the stamina of a demi-god at least. Which is also why Mituski defiantly in the end still sides with the player, because she has normal human tastes 

But I honestly do understand how the scene comes off that way,  it'll probably be the only scene like that, or at least they'll be constrained specifically to Avarice as my goal is to make people both feel better about themselves and learn something new (the condom size recommendations aren't just for show.)

I guess a bit of insight for Avarice's character is, don't take anything she says at face value. One of the reason's there is such a strong. . .dynamic, between Nat and Avarice is that she's a lot smarter than she looks and always has some plan going on.

She can also just be a total bitch sometimes.

Aaaand as for the toggling of the event I'll add a conditional switch that if you ignore it after two tries it'll stop. Genuine oversight on my part.


No worries about it. I just wasn't really sure what to make of the character myself, but I'm glad you understand where my confusion came from. I don't mind Avarice much as a character, but I really wasn't sure what kind of character she was gonna end up being.

I'm glad to know she's just a tsun-tsun - for lack of a better term - not sure if she'll ever show any sweet side of herself, but since the game is pretty new and she's a new character herself I didn't get much insight into her shenanigans. Seems she just doesn't want to be proven wrong?

Anyways, thanks again for listening to feedback. Sorry if I caused any trouble about it.


Ey no problem! I actually really appreciate any feedback as my goal is to make a really really good experience for as many people as possible. Good or bad, Like or dislike, I love to hear it!

As for her reasoning. . .its, complicated. But will be expanded upon.


I (and a many more users if you check some discussion boards like f95) really enjoyed Avarice and wouldn't mind having more characters like her, characters that play the role of "bad girl" or that are just a bit more demanding of your size. While some users have had a strong negative reaction I don't think they represent the view of the community as a whole, just that critics tend to be louder than people who enjoy the content. I think that by having ms average, mituski and the shortstacks react positively to small or medium sizes most people would get that most of the times people don't care about size. However, you could always add a disclaimer and the chance to skip characters and scenes where people react negatively to your (in their opinion) small size.  Many in the community would be glad to have more sph scenes or sizequeen characters as part of the fun of being sized up is the chance to not make the mark. It is what made me take interest in this game at first. However it's true that some users avoid this kind of content like the plague, but the solution to that is just a quick disclaimer and an option to skip the scene.


Totally understandable and a great idea! There are going to be more girls that have larger preferences, but Avarice is going to be the only one as openly. . .vocal.

The reason will be revealed at some point.
(Also people talk about me? I didn't really think I had much worth discussing lmao)

Would be sort of an interesting little addition if you'd add a tiny little ovum to the womb x-ray on fertile days for the girl. Obviously it's not realistic, but frankly, who cares?

It would be! I actually thought of that myself but it'd take, not a lot, but a tedious amount of work, so its set on the "planned for later" shelf.

It was interesting to try different penis sizes but I noticed that girth doesn't affect a girl's feeling at all

Still trying to work on that, right now there are 5 unique sets each with 3-9 unique sex descriptions for length alone, so once I add girth that creates a whole wollop of confusing dynamics. 

I might try some other method down the line, but for now girth is just how wide the lips are spread.


Avarice is still buggy in this ver.

thanks for the quick update!


No problem! New update soon to fix some poppy stuff


The job system is an interesting concept that has a lot of potential. A lot of polishing to do though, as  right now it feels a bit too much of a cookie cutter. 

Perhaps a system with different ranks that unlock new girls and pays you more money? Maybe even a skill system that increases the pleasure you give. I am not sure if you would be interested on that thought, it might be too much work for what's essentially a hobby. 

Either way, thank you for the update.


Hey no problem! I have plans to flesh out the system further, more like a bartending experience only you create a "cocktale" of sexual positions and the such. Right now its a proof of concept more than anything.

As for the payment, there actually is a small system in place that bases off of how well you guess, plus how well your cock pleases them. A gaping slut will give less money than a tight virgin, so to speak.

But ye! Better implementation to come! And thank you for playing!

Glad to see you again!

Glad to be back again!